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3 Easy Habits for Healthier Hair

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Waiting for your hair to get longer can be an inpatient process. If you're anything like me, you have the desire for long, healthy mermaid hair and all of the glory that comes with achieving that!

Then, life tends to happen, and the things we do or forget to do can lead to damaged hair. Here are 3 things that I suggest to promote healthy, manageable hair.

1. Blow it out!

It a myth that skipping the Blow Dry means there's less damage to your hair. Wrong! When hair is left to air dry, waves, poof and frizz can take over. We're left to straighten and smooth the mess with irons and products. Instead, apply a leave-in heat protector, grab a paddle brush and have your style sleek and shiny for days!

2. Be Gentle on Those Locks

A lot of hair damage can happen when we're detangling our wet hair. When our hair is in a wet state, it is more fragile and sensitive (especially you blonde ladies) and should be treated with care. For detangling after shampooing, I recommend using a Wet brush to rid tangle without the tug.

3. Say "NO" to Health Store Beauty Products

I'm a health food store loving girl... I really am! I don't love the shampoo's and conditioners that are sold in health food stores. Why? They're a whole lot of hype and wreak havoc on our hair color. Often, because products are labeled "All Natural" or "Organic," we're led to believe that what's inside those bottles will do GOOD for our hair. Unfortunately, their formulas leave our hair feeling like straw.

If you have the #HairGoals of being a long-haired lady, I hope these tips help you get there!


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